Professional Jewelry Inspections/Cleanings


Professional Jewelry Inspections - People often don’t think about getting jewelry inspected by a professional until it’s too late. At Heritage Fine Jewelers, we know that replacing a lost gemstone can be costly, which is why we clean and inspect your jewelry for free. We recommend that you get your jewelry inspected every 6 months to ensure it remains in top condition. This is especially true for jewelry that you wear on a regular basis, such as wedding rings. Everyday wear and tear is inevitable, so it is important to get regular jewelry inspections to detect loose gemstones or defective prongs before jewelry is damaged.

Professional Jewelry Cleanings - When is the last time you had your jewelry cleaned and inspected by a professional? To keep your jewelry in great shape and maintain its beautiful shine, we recommend having it cleaned and inspected by a professional every 6 months. At home cleaning solutions can be used between professional inspections, but they don’t give your jewelry the same beautiful shine as a professional cleaning. Routine jewelry cleanings help get dirt out of hard to reach places and keep your jewelry in top condition.

At Heritage Fine Jewelers we clean and inspect your jewelry for free. If some work is required, we have a variety of while-you-wait services to keep your jewelry in great shape.